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FRU Men D2/D3 2020-21
AKA FRU Men D2/D3 • 13 Teams
Teams from D2 and D3 in 3 Pools: North, West and South.
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Saturday, January 23, 2021
  Miami Tridents (D2)  -   Ft. Lauderdale (D2) Pending Details  
  Miami Rugby (D2)  -   Palm Beach (D3) Pending Details  
  Sarasota (D3)  23  - 5   Bay Area Pelican (D3) Scott Duval Details  
  Gainesville (D3)  -   Orlando (D2) Pending Details  
  Brevard (D3)  32  - 12   Jacksonville (D3) Gary Nation Details  
  Tampa (D2)  15  - 14   Naples (D2) Ken Handley Details  
  Miami Tridents (D2)  3  - 21   Palm Beach (D3) Kye Martinovic Details  
    Moved from 2/20/2021
Saturday, January 30, 2021
  Boca Raton (D2)  -   Miami Rugby (D2) Pending Details  
  Palm Beach (D3)  -   Ft. Lauderdale (D2) Luis Lucas Details  
Saturday, February 6, 2021
  Miami Tridents (D2)  -   Boca Raton (D2) Pending Details  
  Naples (D2)  54  - 3   Sarasota (D3) Kye Martinovic Details  
  Bay Area Pelican (D3)  20  - 36   Tampa (D2) Ken Handley Details  
  Orlando (D2)  6  - 7   Brevard (D3) Gary Nation Details  
  Jacksonville (D3)  10  - 0   Gainesville (D3) Brandon Castro Details  
Saturday, February 13, 2021
  Boca Raton (D2)  24  - 12   Palm Beach (D3) Scott Duval Details  
  Ft. Lauderdale (D2)  -   Miami Rugby (D2) Pending Details  
  Tampa (D2)  19  - 5   Sarasota (D3) Mike 'Kiwi' Nevin Details  
  Gainesville (D3)  -   Brevard (D3) Pending Details  
    Cancelled by Gainesville.
Saturday, February 20, 2021
  Jacksonville (D3)  11  - 24   Orlando (D2) Ken Handley Details  
Saturday, February 27, 2021
  Ft. Lauderdale (D2)  -   Boca Raton (D2) Pending Details  
    CANCELLED. Fort Lauderdale is not playing this season.
  Miami Rugby (D2)  0  - 46   Miami Tridents (D2) Kye Martinovic Details  
  Naples (D2)  34  - 17   Tampa (D2) Scott Duval Details  
  Orlando (D2)  24  - 10   Gainesville (D3) Ken Handley Details  
  Jacksonville (D3)  7  - 39   Brevard (D3) Mike 'Kiwi' Nevin Details  
Saturday, March 6, 2021
  Ft. Lauderdale (D2)  -   Palm Beach (D3) Pending Details  
    CANCELLED. Fort Lauderdale is not playing this season.
  Naples (D2)  24  - 15   Bay Area Pelican (D3) Scott Duval Details  
    Moved from 3/20/2021
Saturday, March 13, 2021
  Boca Raton (D2)  24  - 28   Miami Tridents (D2) Thomas Ciampa Details  
  Miami Rugby (D2)  -   Ft. Lauderdale (D2) Pending Details  
    CANCELLED. Fort Lauderdale is not playing this season.
  Sarasota (D3)  8  - 44   Naples (D2) Ken Handley Details  
  Tampa (D2)  49  - 0   Bay Area Pelican (D3) Scott Duval Details  
  Brevard (D3)  22  - 12   Orlando (D2) Mike 'Kiwi' Nevin Details  
  Gainesville (D3)  5  - 36   Jacksonville (D3) Roy Monk Details  
Saturday, March 20, 2021
  Palm Beach (D3)  24  - 10   Boca Raton (D2) Thomas Ciampa Details  
  Miami Tridents (D2)  50  - 7   Miami Rugby (D2) Pat O'Donnell Details  
  Bay Area Pelican (D3)  20  - 58   Naples (D2) Haylee Slaughter Details  
    Rescheduled from 2/13/2021
  Sarasota (D3)  12  - 44   Tampa (D2) Kyle Van Deventer Details  
  Orlando (D2)  48  - 5   Jacksonville (D3) Mike 'Kiwi' Nevin Details  
  Brevard (D3)  25  - 0   Gainesville (D3) Pending Details  
    Forfeit by Gainesville.
Saturday, March 27, 2021
  Bay Area Pelican (D3)  37  - 7   Sarasota (D3) Kyle Van Deventer Details  
    Moved from 2/27/2021
Saturday, April 3, 2021
  Orlando (D2)  46  - 7   Miami Rugby (D2) Haylee Slaughter Details  
    Men's D2 Quarter Final - AR2: Jason Browning AR1: Richard Marroquin
  Tampa (D2)  15  - 3   Boca Raton (D2) Scott Duval Details  
    Men's D2 Quarter Final - AR2: Jethro Hauser AR1: Jason Scheissl
Saturday, April 10, 2021
  Jacksonville (D3)  26  - 10   Sarasota (D3) Randall Johnson Details  
    Men's D3 Quarter-Final - AR1: Gary Crumley AR2: John Selden
Saturday, April 17, 2021
  Brevard (D3)  41  - 12   Bay Area Pelican (D3) Randall Johnson Details  
    D3 Semi-Final - AR1: Yusef Johnson AR2: Roy Monk
  Naples (D2)  30  - 3   Orlando (D2) Haylee Slaughter Details  
    D2 Semifinal - AR1: Pat O'Donnell AR2: Jason Scheissl
  Miami Tridents (D2)  26  - 19   Tampa (D2) Ken Handley Details  
    D2 Semifinal - AR1: Pancho Lopez AR2: Rod Otero
  Palm Beach (D3)  45  - 17   Jacksonville (D3) Luis Lucas Details  
    D3 Semifinal - AR1: Chris Roehm AR2: Dave Schnegelberger
Saturday, April 24, 2021
  Miami Tridents (D2)  -   Naples (D2) Haylee Slaughter Details  
    D2 Final - ARs Gary Nation, Roy Monk, John Selden
  Palm Beach (D3)  -   Brevard (D3) Scott Duval Details  
    Men's D3 Final - ARs Gary Nation, Roy Monk, John Selden

*Not official standings or Schedules. Done to the best of our knowledge. Details may change at any time. Please contact the comissioner for this Championship for official standings or the Official Florida Rugby Union website - www.floridarugby.org.

Upcoming Games & Weekend Results
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Saturday, April 24, 2021 • TBD • View Details
Miami Tridents (D2) vs. Naples (D2)  
Note: D2 Final - ARs Gary Nation, Roy Monk, John Selden
Saturday, April 24, 2021 • 2:00 PM • View Details
Palm Beach (D3) vs. Brevard (D3)  
Note: Men's D3 Final - ARs Gary Nation, Roy Monk, John Selden
Teams (13)
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Brevard Old Red Eye (D3) | Cocoa Beach (North) - 0 players.
Coach: Scott Little (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Joey Joseph
Gainesville Hogs RFC (D3) | Gainsville (North) - 0 players.
Coach: Mike Williams (Level: L200)
Match Sec: Mike Williams
Jacksonville Rugby (D3) | Jacksonville (North) - 0 players.
Coach: Paul Sheehy (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Paul Sheehy
Orlando Griffins RFC (D2) | Orlando (North) - 0 players.
Coach: Andy Perace (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Al Clements
Boca Raton Buccaneers (D2) | Boca Raton (South) - 0 players.
Coach: Eyal Hakim (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Ryan 'Fresh' Moran
Ft. Lauderdale Knights (D2) | Fort Lauderdale (South) - 0 players.
Coach: David Anastas (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Aaron Livingston
Miami Rugby FC (D2) | Miami (South) - 0 players.
Coach: Luis Lucas (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Wade Zacca
Miami Tridents RFC (D2) | Miami (South) - 0 players.
Coach: Miguel Peña (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Leonel Ruiz
Palm Beach Panthers RFC (D3) | West Palm Beach (South) - 0 players.
Coach: Chris Oosthuizen (Level: L200)
Match Sec: Ian Henry
Bay Area Pelican (D3) | St. Petersburg (West) - 0 players.
Coach: Jim Orandash (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Calvin Eells
Naples Hammerheads RFC (D2) | Estero (West) - 0 players.
Coach: Bryan Vince (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Matthew Slaughter
Sarasota Surge RFC (D3) | Sarasota (West) - 0 players.
Coach: Gary Jones (Level: N/A)
Match Sec: Gary Jones
Tampa Bay Krewe RFC (D2) | Tampa (West) - 0 players.
Coach: Eric Saunders (Level: L200)
Match Sec: Jeff Herron
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