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Games for Saturday, April 17, 2021 (10 games)
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FRU Men D2/D3 Brevard Old Red Eye (D3)   (41) - (12) Bay Area Pelican (D3) (*) 2:00 PM Randall Johnson Details
    Notes:    D3 Semi-Final - AR1: Yusef Johnson AR2: Roy Monk
FRU Men D2/D3 Naples Hammerheads RFC (D2)   (30) - (3) Orlando Griffins RFC (D2) (*) 3:00 PM Haylee Slaughter Details
    Notes:    D2 Semifinal - AR1: Pat O'Donnell AR2: Jason Scheissl
FRU Men D2/D3 Miami Tridents RFC (D2)   (26) - (19) Tampa Bay Krewe RFC (D2) (*) 2:00 PM Ken Handley Details
    Notes:    D2 Semifinal - AR1: Pancho Lopez AR2: Rod Otero
FRU Men D2/D3 Palm Beach Panthers RFC (D3)   (45) - (17) Jacksonville Rugby (D3) (*) 2:00 PM Luis Lucas Details
    Notes:    D3 Semifinal - AR1: Chris Roehm AR2: Dave Schnegelberger
FRU Men D4 Daytona Beach Coconuts (D4)   (27) - (24) Okapi Wanderers Rugby (D4) (*) 3:30 PM Mike 'Kiwi' Nevin Details
    Notes:    D4 Semi-final AR2: John Selden AR1: Bruce Soileau
FRU Men D4 Tallahassee RFC (D4)   (33) - (26) Lakeland Lancers RFC (D4) (*) 2:00 PM Gary Nation Details
    Notes:    D4 Semi-final AR1: Alfredo Lopez AR2: Amy Rogan
FRU Men U23 Palm Beach Panthers RFC (U23)   (17) - (14) Gainesville Hogs RFC (U23) (*) 12:30 PM Kye Martinovic Details
    Notes:    U23 Semi-final AR2: Thomas Ciampa AR1: Mark Martinovic
FRU Men U23 Orlando Griffins RFC (U23)   - Tallahassee RFC (U23) (*) 2:00 PM Mark 'Hawkeye' Hawkins Details
    Notes:    Men's U23 Semifinal AR1: Alfredo Lopez AR2: Amy Rogan
FYRU U19 Boys Boca Raton Buccaneers U19   (3) - (36) Cardinal Gibbons U19 (*) 1:00 PM Kyle van Deventer Details
    Notes:    Boys U19 Semi-Final AR1: John Devonport AR2: Jose Gomez-MIguel
FYRU U19 Boys Hammerheads U19   (22) - (19) Jacksonville U19 (*) 1:00 PM Scott Duval Details
    Notes:    Boys U19 Semi-Final AR1: Pat O'Donnell AR2: Jason Scheissl


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