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New procedure for FRYU Matches
Published:1/2/2014 10:41:40 PM
These are the new game day procedures for all FRYU games for the 2013-14 Season.

The team coach or manager must complete a Game Day Roster listing the name of each starting player and all reserves. Only players listed on the roster will be allowed on the field. The writing must be legible and names must be in full; nicknames are not acceptable. Only current Game Day Roster forms will be accepted; a list of names written on a legal pad or old-style CIPP Roster forms will not. Failure to fill in all areas of a Game Day Roster will result in a forfeit. Team coaches/managers are responsible for the accuracy of information given on Game Day Rosters and are subject to suspension for entering false information. Rosters filled in by any person other than the team coach or manager will not be accepted. 

Prior to the start of the match, team coaches must:

  1. have the opposing team coach sign their roster,
  2. hand it to the referee who will countersign.

Game Day Rosters filled in, altered, or handed in after the start of play will not be accepted.

If there is no Union referee at the match, a properly completed Game Day Roster must be handed to the opposing coach before the match. After completion of play, the coach must

  1. fill in the score, sign it
  2. hand the Game Day Roster back, so it can be mailed or faxed to the Disciplinary Chair no later than Wednesday following the match.

Clubs must be in possession of identity confirmation of all CIPP rostered players on game day in the event of a FRU audit

Game Day Roster

Florida Youth Rugby Union  Game Day Roster

For game reports, please scan the rosters and or make into pdf files to send to Jeffrey Edgar.   Please e-mail  Jeffrey.r.[email protected] the game report within 48 hours of the game.

For those items that are for Disciplinary Chairman action, we request the referee and coaches reports to also be sent in to Jeffrey Edgar at the same e-mail address above.   This can be in the form of an e-mail, word file, or pdf file.  Please do so within 24 hours of the match completion.

Any questions please contact Jeffrey directly.

Clubs must ensure that only CIPPed rostered players are playing.  Unless a friendly, any CIPPed players must be registered for that team provided there is no previous agreement between the coaches for allowing other players on the roster for any league game.  This agreement must be made before the game starts.


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