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Why Referee?

There are a whole host of reasons why you might take up the whistle:

  • to remain active in the sport following injury or retirement
  • to make new and lasting friends within the game
  • to gain a sense of achievement by providing an invaluable service to players, coaches and spectators alike.

Whatever the reason, refereeing is challenging, rewarding and above all, can be great fun.

One should never forget that Rugby Union is a players’ game. However, the old adage “without a referee there will be no game” remains true.

Refereeing is about creating a safe and enjoyable environment in which players can express themselves and this can be tremendously rewarding.

Whether at Youth, High School, College or Senior level; at club, school or university, the referee has a crucial role to play in enabling the game to be enjoyed by all participants. 

If you are young, fit and have a reasonable understanding of the game, your opportunities for advancement are much greater as a referee than they are as a player. During the 2012-2013 season Florida referees performed their duties all over Florida and in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Atlanta, Cape Fear, Chicago, Glendale, Mobile, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, Savannah and Washington DC. In 2014 we will also be able to add Hong Kong to that list.

There is no defined timeline for how long it takes to progress from beginner to the National level, but if you have the dedication and enthusiasm for the role the FRRA and USA Rugby will provide you with all the support and opportunities to learn and advance.

If you are older and near the end of your playing days, but want to continue to participate in the game, refereeing is a great opportunity for you to share your experience, and help others to enjoy the game that you have enjoyed for many years. The FRRA rewards dedication to our domestic commitments; once you have established yourself in Florida there will always be opportunities to travel and referee in tournaments around the country.

Whatever your situation and goals, once you have taken the Level 1 referee course, you will be assigned a local mentor, and will start out in the middle as soon as possible. You will be challenged, encouraged and supported by your mentor, referee coaches and colleagues, all of whom will be involved in your development.

If you are interested in taking up the whistle, or would like more information please visit our website or speak to any of the referees, who will be happy to share their experiences with you.


How to become a referee
List of things you need to do to become a referee.
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