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Games for Saturday, February 6, 2016 (38 games)
38 games to be played on this date for Florida Championships and friendlies.
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  Home Away Championship Referee  
  Fort Miami (51) Orlando Women (10) FRU Women DII Roy Monk Details
  Indian River Women (0) Jacksonville W (81) FRU Women DII John Selden Details
  Sarasota Surge (10) Bay Area Pelicans (8) FRU Men DIII Jennifer Heath Details
  Daytona Beach Coconuts (15) Palm Beach Panthers (23) FRU Men DIII Rob Leach Details
  Tallahassee Rugby (10) Gainesville Hogs (26) FRU Men DIII Lex Weiner Details
  Brevard Old Red Eye (18) Indian River Raptors (15) FRU Men DIII Keith Pereira Details
  Ft. Lauderdale 'B' Orlando Griffins 'B' 2015 Orange Cup Harold Hickey Details
  Miami Tridents 'B' (20) (*) Tampa Bay Krewe 'B' (0) Orange Cup -- Details
  Miami Rugby 'B' (0) (*) Naples 'B' (20) Orange Cup -- Details
  Boca Raton 'B' (48) Okapi Wanderers Rugby (33) Orange Cup David Meehan Details
  Ft. Lauderdale Knights (21) Orlando Griffins (18) FRU Men DII Jeremy Brown Details
  Miami Tridents (44) Tampa Bay Krewe (29) FRU Men DII Cisco Lopez Details
  Miami Rugby FC (22) Naples Hammerheads (44) FRU Men DII Ross Devonport Details
  Boca Raton Buccaneers (93) Jacksonville Rugby (10) FRU Men DII Rocco Kryns Details
  Miami Rugby 'B' (7) (*) Harvard Business School (27) Friendlies 2015/16 Ross Devonport Details
  U of Florida (UF) (7) Coastal Carolina (29) Friendlies 2015/16 Kahlil Harrison Details
  Miami Tridents 'B' U of Miami (UM) Friendlies 2015/16 David Meehan Details
  Ave Maria U (AMU) (0) (*) Florida Atlantic U (FAU) (20) NSCRO (College Men) -- Details
  U of North Florida (UNF) (47) Eckerd Rugby (14) NSCRO (College Men) Warren Lynch Details
  Florida State U Women (32) U of Florida Women (39) FRU Women's College Div I Brian Pippin Details
  Florida Int U Women (38) U Central Florida Women (24) FRU Women's College Div I Chris Roehm Details
  FAU Rugby Women (5) Eckerd Rugby Women (32) FRU Women's College DIV II Richard Marroquin Details
  West Pines HS Varsity (5) Cape Pirates HS Varsity (15) FRYU HS Div I Varsity Terry Haas Details
  Daytona Beach HS Varsity (10) Tampa HS Varsity (13) FRYU HS Div I Varsity Haylee Slaughter Details
  Jupiter HS Varsity (24) Orlando HS Varsity (15) FRYU HS Div I Varsity Gary Nation Details
  Sebastian River HS Varsity (0) Boca Raton HS Varsity (32) FRYU HS Div II Varsity Allan Dobson Details
  Cardinal Gibbons HS Varsity (5) Aquinas HS Varsity (19) FRYU HS Div II Varsity Craig Kartiganer Details
  West Pines JV (*) Cape HS JV FRYU High School JV -- Details
  Wizards HS JV (26) Orlando HS JV (0) FRYU High School JV Carlos Silver Details
  Riviera Beach JV (*) Naples JV FRYU High School JV -- Details
  West Pines U14 (25) (*) Cape Pirates U14 (0) FRYU Under 14 Terry Haas Details
  Okapi U14 (30) Sarasota U14 (25) FRYU Under 14 David Meehan Details
  West Pines U12 (15) Cape Pirates U12 (15) FRYU U12 Terry Haas Details
  Miami Rugby U12 (25) Sarasota U12 (30) FRYU U12 Fabrice Calmettes Details
  Miami Rugby U10 (35) Sarasota U10 (5) FRYU U10 Fabrice Calmettes Details
  USA Eagles (35) Argentina (35) ARC 2016 -- Details
  Canada (33) Uruguay (17) ARC 2016 -- Details
  Chile (25) Brazil (22) ARC 2016 -- Details


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