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The Sideline Whisperer
Sir, may I ask you a question?
Get to know a little bit better your referees. Yes, they do screw up.
Ken Handley (11/1/2018)
Cisco Lopez (8/21/2017)
Richard Marroquin (12/1/2015)
Roy Monk (9/15/2015)
Keith Pereira (12/23/2014)
Richard Hessler (12/11/2014)
Lex Weiner (10/6/2014)
Ross Devonport (8/13/2013)
Gerry FitzGerald (8/11/2013)
Mark Ferguson (2/22/2013)
Jason Nimark (12/18/2012)
Harold Hickey (12/7/2012)
Yusef Johnson (12/3/2012)
Chris Roehm (9/8/2012)
John Fiore (9/6/2012)
Craig Kartiganer (9/5/2012)
David Metcalfe (9/3/2012)
David Hedges (9/3/2012)
Michael Kennedy (9/2/2012)
Jeremy Brown (9/2/2012)
Brian Richardson (8/30/2012)
Rocco Kryns (8/29/2012)
Mark 'Hawkeye' Hawkins (8/27/2012)
Haylee Slaughter (8/27/2012)

Game day Procedures

This information taken from the FRU website.

All matches

This is protocol for all matches. Specific protocols for friendly/league games are listed below.

Assignments will be posted no later than the Monday prior to the upcoming match at http://www.rugbyfl.com.

The referee then needs to be confirmed with KO and match location no later than the Wednesday prior to the match.

If you do not confirm your referee by Wednesday they will be re-assigned and you WILL NOT get a referee for your match. If you confirm then cancel after the Wednesday deadline (Thursday onward) then you will be charged the referee match fee. If this is due to a last minute cancellation by a visiting FRU club the home club can petition FRU to bill the visiting club the match fee.

Referee Contact List

The referee’s match fee is paid by the home club at the venue on the day in accordance with the fee schedule listed below ($80 per match, abbreviated matches ie. B games will be paid at a rate of $1.00 per minute not to exceed normal match fee of $80). Ref fees are paid prior to kickoff. Travel fees are paid (0.25/mile) for friendly matches but not for league games.

Any changes to matches, league or friendly, need to be confirmed with Ross Devonport, and if a league game, also confirmed with the VP of competitions for that division. Normal KO is at 2PM. If a different KO is required, this needs to be approved by the FRRA.

Friendly Matches

Referees are to be requested via the Referee Asignateur Ross Devonport,

If you are concerned about paying travel fees for friendlies and have a local certified ref, you can contact Ross and let him know you have confirmed a local, certified referee, and he can either approve or deny the assignment. You will need to provide the referees name and contact 7 days before the end of the calendar month for the next month’s schedule (the month of your match ie if match is in October you need to let him know by 9/23). This assures that assigned referees are current with their certification and that there is liability coverage for the match with use of a certified ref. You cannot use non-certified referees like coaches or alums to ref your matches as there is an increase in liability as well as a likely decrease in match quality due to using someone that is not current or trained. Playing a match with a non-certified referee may result in fines and club suspension.

The club requesting the referee is responsible for the payment of the match fee and travel expenses if requested by the referee, at the venue on the day of the match. Travel fees are paid (0.25/mile) for friendly matches but not for league games.

League Matches

Schedules are sent by the competitions chair to the FRRA on behalf of all clubs.

The referee’s travel expenses and the assistant referee’s travel expenses (if assigned) are reimbursed by the FRRA for League games but not for friendly games. When certified assistant referees are assigned or requested, the home club is responsible for the match fee to each individual AR.

Any changes to matches, league or friendly, need to be confirmed with the FRRA VP, Gerry Fitzgerald, and if a league game, also confirmed with the VP of competitions for that division.

Match Fee Pay Scale per game

All Referees $80
(paid by Home Team).

AR’s $40
(paid by Home Team).

Referee Coach/Assessor $20
(paid by FRRA).


Your Florida Referees
60 referees listed.
Name Grade Phone Email County Record
Black, Sam 10 862-377-8692 [email protected] Hillsborough View
Browning, Jason 10 407-244-2473 [email protected] Orange View
Cagle, Stan 8 512-576-4243 [email protected] Duval View
Calmettes, Fabrice 9 754-215-3055 [email protected] Miami-Dade View
Campion, Ray  (Coach) 8 321-626-3556 [email protected] Brevard View
Ciampa, Thomas 9 207-752-2173 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Cohen, Neil 10 407-489-1757 [email protected] Broward View
Crumley, Gary 9 904-233-4455 [email protected] Hillsborough View
Devonport, Ross 7 561-703-5176 [email protected] Broward View
Devonport, John  (Coach) RC 561-870-6836 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Dobson, Allan 8 772-913-4540 [email protected] Indian River View
Duval, Scott 7 239-404-8082 [email protected] Collier View
Ferraris, Gerard 9 786-352-6884 [email protected] Miami-Dade View
FitzGerald, Gerry  (Coach) RC 754 245 0215 [email protected] Broward View
Gomez, Michael 9 305-281-9807 [email protected] Leon View
Gomez-Miguel, Jose 10 561-808-3633 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Haas, Terry  (Coach) RC 609-519-4183 [email protected] Collier View
Haigh, Evan 9 407-721-4080 [email protected] Orange View
Handley, Ken  (Coach) 6 407 280 6601 [email protected] Orange View
Hauser, Jethro 10 517-599-6235 [email protected] Hillsborough View
Hawkins, Mark 'Hawkeye'  (Coach) 6 727-481-5116 [email protected] Pinellas View
Hessler, Richard  (Coach) RC 419-350-9190 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Hickey, Harold 9 305-661-8000 [email protected] Miami-Dade View
Hols, Marissa 9 515-422-0171 [email protected] Hillsborough View
Johnson, Yusef  (Coach) 7 832-264-6754 [email protected] Brevard View
Johnson, Randall  (Coach) 5 585-704-1605 [email protected] Volusia View
Keels, Will 10 352-225-2739 [email protected] Hillsborough View
Kryns, Rocco  (Coach) 7 754 224 1168 [email protected] Broward View
Leach, Rob 7 904-397-3522 [email protected] Duval View
Liu, Karen 10 561-344-8555 [email protected] Broward View
Lopez, Francisco  (Coach) 8 305-984-9721 [email protected] Miami-Dade View
Lopez, Alfredo 9 615-631-5598 [email protected] Hillsborough View
Lowe, Cullen 9 949-533-5796 [email protected] Brevard View
Mallory, Robert 10 NA [email protected] Brevard View
Marroquin, Richard 9 321-507-6878 [email protected] Brevard View
Martinovic, Kye 8 561-303-7421 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Martinovic , Mark 9 561-303-7653 [email protected] Palm Beach View
McAuley, Kiel 9 561-317-0805 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Mellin, Brandon 10 407-342-9982 [email protected] Duval View
Monk, Roy  (Coach) 7 239 285 6299 [email protected] St. Lucie View
Nation, Gary  (Coach) 6 610-529-7788 [email protected] Orange View
Nevin, Mike 'Kiwi' 8 321-698-6355 [email protected] Brevard View
O'Donnell, Pat 8 239-253-5521 [email protected] Collier View
O'Malley, Kerri 8 352-262-9308 [email protected] Alachua View
Otero, Rod 10 786-479-5407 [email protected] Broward View
Page, Simon  (Coach) RC 941-330-7674 [email protected] Sarasota View
Roehm, Chris 7 954-610-2799 [email protected] Broward View
Rogan, Amy 10 504-909-4222 [email protected] Hillsborough View
Rozowsky, Jared 9 508-864-5451 [email protected] Alachua View
Schiessl, Jason 9 941-586-3092 [email protected] Sarasota View
Schnegelberger, Dave 9 561-350-5664 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Selden, John  (Coach) RC 386-290-6368 [email protected] Volusia View
Silver , Carlos 9 727-452-4652 [email protected] Palm Beach View
Silverman, Andreu 10 305-542-9247 [email protected] Miami-Dade View
Slaughter, Haylee  (Coach) 4 352-461-7846 [email protected] Sumter View
Soileau, Bruce 9 386-682-0913 [email protected] Volusia View
Tell, Dave  (Coach) RC 305-753-8035 [email protected] Miami-Dade View
Van Der Elst, Jean-Marie 9 321-987-4967 [email protected] Brevard View
Van Deventer, Kyle 9 941-676-0617 [email protected] Collier View
Varnum, Laice 9 863-599-9453 [email protected] Alachua View


RC = Referee Coach.
Grades go from 1 to 10. 1 is the highest.



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