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The Sideline Whisperer
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John Fiore
Born in United States. John is a grade C3 referee. He lives in Jupiter, Palm Beach County.
You may contact him at 617-828-9969 or [email protected].
Sir, may I ask you a question?
Updated on 9/6/2012

Tell us a little about yourself: age, place of birth, current occupation.

—Age 52, place of birth-Everett,Mass, current occupation: Publisher/Coastal Angler Magazine

What is you background as a rugby player?

—Started playing @ American University,Wash. DC...played for about 20+ years w/ Wash. Irish...then MOB (now Maryland Exiles) & Charles River Rugby in Mass. Head Coach Wentworth Inst. of Tech., Boston, Ma. 1996-2006 Head Coach Brandeis University, Waltham, Ma. 2009-2011.

Why did you decide to become a referee?

—There was a shortage in New England & I offered to ref on Sat. & Sunday if Peter Watson (Ref. assignor) would send my team qualified refs. for our friday night matches.

Did you have some kind of mentor?

—My old teammate, co-head coach, referee & great Attorney: Daniel Solomon

Do you remember your first game as a referee? How did it go? Any funny or special memory?

—Yes, was Old Boys Match in Wash. DC, (a Bermuda touring side vs. the Wash. Poltroons old boys team....was a friday afternoon & two of my teammates & I thought we'd fill up a cooler with beer & go watch the old farts' mix it up....we were the only spectators...& the Wash. team needed two backs, so my buddies had to play. I thought, great....more beer for me...wrong.....the REF. didn't/couldn't they come to me just before kick-off & hand me the whistle....after that match, I refused to ref another game for about 5 years....

What was the most memorable screw up?

—I'd admit if I screwed up....I just can't remember ever screwing up........(chuckle)

Which is the one game you most remember of your career?

—Two....My first & my last!

How well do players and coaches in Florida know the laws of the game?

—Pretty well, they are all making the effort to learn & apply their play to the laws. That's the key, learining & applying.

What is your opinion in general of the attitude of players towards the referees in Florida?

—In general...respectful of the position.

As a referee, have you made more friends or foes?

—Friends. But my foes may disagree.......

Does being able to watch a game on video help you improve your skills?


What are the most rewardings aspects of being a referee? And the least?

—Calling a fair match & being able to offer constructive advice to players & coaches that will help them in their future matches. Least: Listening to the whining of those who think they know but don't...

If you have had the opportunity to ref a match oversees, how was that experience?

—Have not.

What would you tell a player to encourage him becoming a referee?

—I think the leaders of any team should take the ref. course to Learn the laws better so that their entire team will benefit.

Any final thoughts or comments about being a rugby referee?

—I'ts a thankless, job, but someone's gotta do it!!!! Seriously....It's a pleasure giving back to the game that has given me so much over the years.


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