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Sevens Overview
This article is just a quick overview on how the FRU's Sevens Season is structured.

Posted on 6/7/2015 7:15:04 PM



This is a quick overview of the Florida Rugby Union’s Sevens Season for everybody to understand how it is structured. Some colleges have their own Conferences and Tournaments which will not be discussed here.

The season kicks off traditionally with Sunshine States mid may. This tournament is part of the Sunshine States games from the Florida Sports Foundation. Typically we have the following tournaments more or less in the same order every year:

  • Sunshine States 7s - 5/16/2015 – Broward, FL
  •  Surfin' 7s - 5/30/2015 (Proceeds fom this event will benefit the FAU Rugby Alumni Foundation, which provides scholarships for deserving FAU student-athletes). Broward, FL.
  • Invasion Sevens (Tampa) - 6/13/2015 – Bradenton, Tampa. Organized by Tampa Krewe Rugby
  • Fiji's Sevens - 6/27/2015 (Miami Rugby's Sevens Tournament is a fundaraiser for the family of a former club player, Phillippe "Fiji" Leka). Miami
  • Gulf Coast 7s - 7/11/2015 – Tampa.
  • Todd Miller 7s - 7/18/2015 Fundraiser. Orlando
  • Beerfoot 7s - 8/1/2015 (Beach rugby) Organized by Naples Hammerheads, Fort Myers, FL.

The tournaments typically have the following categories, depending on the team attendance:

  • High School Boys
  • Men Open
  • Men Social
  • Women

Ocasionaly a special division may be created to accommodate certain teams as it ocurred this year at Surfin Sevens with the Elite Division, as we had the Mexico National Sevens Team and a strong team from Trinidad and Tobago(Caribs).

From these tournaments, there is a Cup winner for each division, and depending on the amount of teams, maybe a Plate, Bowl or Shield winner. No accumulative system is in place to determine a overall winner for each division.

In order to qualify for the National championship, teams that aspire to go to the men’s Club 7s National Championship in Seattle, WA on August 9/10, will accumulate points towards determining the 2 teams that will represent Florida at two tournaments. The tournaments that have been designated by the FRU to host the qualifiers, which are Invasions Sevens (Tampa) and Fiji Sevens (Miami).

The two teams that qualify will participate in the Southern Regional Championships to be held in Orlando at the Todd Miller Sevens, July 18th. This conference includes Florida, True South, Carolinas and Georgia, 8 teams in total. Not sure how many come out of this and if they go directly to Nationals. Information is hard to get.

 (Information put together by Carlos 'Charlee' Velázquez from different sources)

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