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Swami HS Predictions for March 28th, 2015
Here is the week where we learn if what the national journalists are saying is true about our Florida high schools. Are all the North teams that much stronger than the South? 53431 (Numeric code for Swami) believes this to be true. You gotta like the direction of the Youth game today. We are still in our infancy and easy to understand how one coach or a couple of players can tip the balance of power from one season to the next. The state of our union is strong.

Posted on 3/26/2015 8:57:41 AM



SWAMI GAME OF THE WEEK:  Riviera Beach HS vs. Cape Pirates  

N-S Game 2: The Pirates have been on an emotional roller coaster the last few weeks with the heartbreaking loss last week at home.  They will come into this game ready to board the ships of the Maritime Academy, looking to ransack and pillage.  This is the biggest game RBMA has ever played and will set the tone for the rest of the season and beyond.  RBMA 20 Cape 16  

Orlando HS vs. Key Biscayne Rats HS  

N-S Game 1:  An interesting matchup but an easy pick for The Swam.  The Rats have made their mark this season but the issue is that they pull their players from a much smaller community than does Orlando.  A team must have American Football players to win big games in the USA, those are the facts, sorry if you don't like it but it is true so- all teams! - Go recruit some Beefcakes and teach them to push in the front row and how to tackle properly and give yourself a better chance to win.  Orlando 35 Key Biscayne 8.  

Mavericks RFC vs. St. Thomas Aquinas Rugby  

STA can put their name on the Catholic Cup if they take this game.  Mavs have more skills and experience, but again, it a matter of population.  Archbishop McCarthy is less than half the size of Aquinas who has more players CIPPed than any team in Florida and Swami believes they will turn out in numbers this week.  In an otherwise close game, STA subs fresh players in the second half and pulls away with this one.  St. Thomas 29 Mavericks 20.  

Trojans U19 vs. Boca Raton HS  

Swami sees a close game here and thinks it will come down to the coin toss and who takes the wind in the first half.  Trojans elect to kick, Boca build a lead and after halftime, Trojans come back and edge out Boca at the final whistle.  Trojans 22 Boca 21.

Jupiter Sharks Rugby vs. Cardinal Gibbons HS  

Another head scratcher as both these teams are still figuring out how good they are.  The number crunchers say Jupiter will prevail.  Swami sees Gibbons having their best game of the season and coming out on top, making this SWAMI UPSET OF THE WEEK! - Jupiter Sharks 10  Gibbons 20

Miami Rugby HS vs. Daytona U19  

Note: CANCELLED.   Forfeit by Miami.

Naples Bears - HS   BYE WEEKEND  

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