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Swami HS Predictions for March 21st, 2015
The season is hurtling to the end with many teams still with a shot at the playoffs. HS Rugby has a lot of challenges, as we all know: Fields, coaches, Spring Break, SATs, Spring Football, to name a few. Three cheers for the coaches and team managers and Rugby Moms and Dads who have worked hard to give these young men the opportunity to play the Glorious Game at this important time in their lives.

Posted on 3/17/2015 11:19:55 PM



Saturday, March 21, 2015

SWAMI GAME OF THE WEEK:  Cape Pirates - Daytona U19

Everybody remembers Swami picked CP > DB in their earlier matchup, right?  Might have to take a magic carpet ride by this game to see in person.  Prediction is for a different result this time.  Daytona returns the favor and hands Cape a home loss.  In a THRILLER!  Daytona 26 - Cape Pirates 24

Naples Bears - HS - Miami Rugby HS
Miami seems to have two teams this season.  Which one will show up?  Naples has yet to falter.  A candidate for upset of the week?  Swami don't think so!  Naples 29 - Miami 19

Jupiter Sharks Rugby - Riviera Beach HS

A rematch of two weeks ago.  Swami sees some weaknesses in the Marine Team but does nRot think the planets are aligned for the Sharks.  Riviera Beach 22 - Jupiter 13

Tampa Krewe HS - BYE WEEKEND

St. Thomas Aquinas Rugby - Orlando HS

The only way that STA beats Orlando is if all the Orange County Kids have to take SATs.  Orlando's Second XV would beat STA's best.  This will change, one day, as STA has all the ingredients to become a powerhouse club in the future.  Orlando 60 - St. Thomas Aquinas 10.

SWAMI UPSET OF THE WEEK:  Key Biscayne Rats HS - Trojans U19

KB has done very well in the last few weeks.  Swami has a feeling that Trojans will hit them hard up front. The NW Broward Boys must tackle the KB #8 low, and they must pressure the All-American #10 and take away his space, and it says here that they will.  Trojans 23 - Key Biscayne 12 (Editor's note: this game has been cancelled).

Cardinal Gibbons HS - Mavericks RFC

Swami loves the Catholic Cup competition!  Mavericks circled this date on their calendar way back in January.  Gibbons has talent at 8-9-10, no doubt.  Mavericks want to win!  Swami believes it will happen.  Mavericks 15 - Cardinal Gibbons 14

Boca Raton HS - Weston HS

The talent, size, and experience of Weston tilts the field in this one.  The Boca men are up for their game with Fort Lauderdale (who did my big sister The Sideline Whisperer pick in that one?) Boca Juniors? Long day for them.  Weston 39 - Boca Raton 3

SWAMI RECORD:  Last week:  5-2 (71%)   Season:  19-7 (73%)

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