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High School Swami
Swami HS Predictions for 3.14.2015
All of the high school teams are getting better every week. Swami predicts a lot of close games this week. There is no better way to lift the standard of the game than to play a 10 game season. A tip of Swami's turban to Florida Youth Rugby for putting this schedule together. While there are no official records, 2015 must set the record for the most high school games played in a season in Florida. With the strength of the Juice program, it will not be long before Florida produces another USA Eagle from the HS ranks. (Cam Dolan of Naples was the first.)

Posted on 3/11/2015 12:37:59 PM



Boca Raton HS vs. Naples Bears - HS  
Naples travels to Boca to play their second match of the season.  First one was close, Naples winning by 3 points.  Swami said all teams getting better as the season progresses but in this case, Naples is getting better faster than Boca.  Naples 26 - Boca 15

Cardinal Gibbons HS   BYE WEEKEND  

SWAMI GAME OF THE WEEK:  Daytona U19 vs. Orlando HS  
Northern division all locked up with 3 teams tied for first with 3 and 1 records and 8 points:  Cape, Daytona, and Orlando.  Nuts felt the agony of defeat last week and on Saturday Orlando comes to town. There will be 1000s of Bikers in town to watch the game and Swami says Daytona does not lose back-to-back games at home.  Daytona 26 - Orlando 15

Key Biscayne Rats HS vs. Mavericks RFC  
Mavericks come barreling down the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge and roll into the Rat's den.  Swami sees Mavs with a chance here. They may keep it close but the Rats have more skills and experience so Swami calls it for the home team.  Key Biscayne 26 - Mavericks 15.  

Riviera Beach HS vs. Miami Rugby HS  
Whew, another good game and a tough prognostication!  Miami showed last week that they are still in the competition.  Swami picked against RBMA last week and will not make the same mistake again.  Riviera Beach 26 - Miami 15.

St. Thomas Aquinas Rugby vs. Jupiter Sharks Rugby  
Both these teams took one on the chin last week.  Which one will recover and come up fighting?  Argh!  Another tough game to call.  When these teams met earlier this season, only a 5 point try decided the game for Jupiter.  Swami sees the ball bouncing differently this time.  St. Thomas 26 - Jupiter 15.

Tampa Krewe HS vs. Cape Pirates  
Pirates will have a tough game this week, coming off of their huge win over Daytona.  Krewe has played strong in their last two games.  Many would predict an upset here but Swami does not see it that way.  Cape 26 - Krewe 15.

Weston HS vs. Trojans U19  
Yea, yea, Weston made a statement about Swami's opinion of their team.  Swami is a believer now.  Trojans have been knocked around of late.  Coming off of their bye week... Swami has not picked the UPSET of the week yet, nah... no upset this week.  Weston 52 - Trojans 5.  (bet ya thought i was gonna say 26-15)

PS Thank you for all the emails ([email protected]) congratulating me for picking Cape over Daytona last week!  Swami got cred now!

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