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High School predictions for Saturday, February 28th.
The high school season is in full swing with seven games on the schedule this week. It is very exciting to hear about the strong numbers of kids in the youth programs around the state. Some teams have over 100 kids involved. The game will grow when the parents become interested, when school friend are excited to come out and watch, and when rivalries develop between schools. That is the primary objective for this Swami to write this article and predict these games - to get people talking about our sport!

Posted on 2/26/2015 5:09:46 PM



SWAMI GAME OF THE WEEK:  St. Thomas Aquinas Rugby vs. Cardinal Gibbons HS 

There is no stronger rivalry in South Florida than Cardinal Gibbons and Saint Thomas.  STA dominates the entire state in so many sports.  Gibbons points to their many, many state titles in wrestling and girls volleyball.  The success of CG last season and the close relationship of their ADs played a big role in STA forming a team this year.  The Raiders have yet to win a game of XVs and they want this one.  Trouble for them, the Arrowheads want to thump their cross-county rivals just as bad.  Cardinal Gibbons 23 Saint Thomas 12. 

Daytona U19 vs. Key Biscayne Rats HS 

Rats ran into a tough road game at Naples and lost their first of the season.  This week they will find that the Lil Nuts ain't so little.  Can ball skills and passing overcome size and speed?  Swami says not this time, especially this far from home.  Daytona 60 - Key Biscayne 17

Orlando HS vs. Boca Raton HS 

Orlando's all-star guys gained good game experience during Ruggerfest.  Swami sees Boca having trouble gaining possession in this one and when they do, Orlando defense has been outstanding.  Swami sees Orlando's backrow, front row, and playmakers having their way.  Orlando 33 - Boca Raton 8

Tampa Krewe HS vs. Riviera Beach HS 

Krewe is better than their 0-4 record shows.  Their tough schedule has made them better.  Riviera plays fast and give their backs space and they will torch you.  Swami sees this one going down to the final whistle.  Referee Simon Page will not let this one end in a tie.  Tampa Krewe 19 - Riviera Beach 17

Mavericks RFC vs. Cape Pirates

Mavericks have heart.  Their kids will never quit.  Cape coaches will challenge their lads to make the loss to Orlando a distant memory.  Cape Pirates 45 - Mavericks 7

Trojans U19 vs. Naples Bears - HS 

The two oldest HS programs in Florida match up for the 12th year of this rivalry.  (Does anyone have the game history?) Both teams field younger players this season.  Trojans have home field but Swami says Naples remains unbeaten and their kicker doesn't miss!  Naples Bears 35 Trojans 10. 

Weston HS vs. Miami Rugby HS 

Weston has looked good but who have they played?? (Only two games)  Their 7s team ran wild at Ruggerfest.  Miami is better than their record.  Swami sticks her neck out and calls this the UPSET OF THE WEEK!!  Miami 22  Weston 20. (Editors note: this game has been cancelled and will be rescheduled).


SEASON:   5-2   (71.4%)

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