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High School Swami
High School Swami predictions for 2.14.2015
We are starting a new weekly section with High School Predictions by the High School Swami. An exciting tournament with 15 teams competing for the title.

Posted on 2/13/2015 12:07:19 PM



SWAMI GAME OF THE WEEK:  Orlando HS v Cape Pirates

These teams know each other well.  Both are well coached and both have Juice talent at key positions.  Swami sees Mickeys beating the Astronauts this time, on the strength and experience of their Tight V.  Orlando 33 - Cape Pirates 20. 

Naples Bears vs Key Biscayne Rats
Bears are rebuilding.  Rats gaining experience every week.  Swami sees fast, open game.  Naples Bears 35 Key Biscayne Rats 29.  

Weston WILL NOT LOSE THIS WEEKEND.  Guaranteed. 

Miami Rugby HS  vs  Jupiter Sharks Rugby
Miami and Jupiter both rebuilding.   Jupiter has more wins but Mia at home.   Miami 17 Jupiter Sharks 12

Mavericks RFC  vs Boca Raton HS
Boca cashing dividends on players in their youth program for a number of years. Mavs get their first try of the season.   Boca Raton 35 Mavericks 5

Saint Thomas Aquinas Rugby vs Riviera Beach HS
The Raiders have numbers at practice but they are winless in their first season.  The Squids have players with Juice experience and they play FAST.   St. Thomas tackles well but Swami does not see them hanging with RBMA.  Riviera Beach 39  Saint Thomas Aquinas 12

Trojans v Cardinal Gibbons HS 
This interesting match has long time Fort Lauderdale Alumni facing each other as coaches.  The Trojans don’t have the numbers this year.  IF they are healthy, they will not have trouble with the Chiefs.  Trojans 20  Cardinal Gibbons 7. 

Daytona U19  vs Tampa Krewe HS
You cannot win in High School Rugby if you do not have football players and the Coconuts has the horses this year and the Pirates are going to be feeling them. Daytona 40 Tampa Krewe 0. 


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