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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Florida Rugby Union Men´s D2 & D3 Playoffs
There's nothing quite like the playoffs in sports.

The thrill of knockout competition - knowing that a loss will end your season, but a win would extend it for at least one more game.

Underdogs are ready to cause upsets, while favorites want to prove their regular season success was no fluke.

And you can't deny that the level of rugby takes a step up when this much is on the line.

Note from the publisher: The Sideline Whisperer is a member of our Florida Rugby Community who will remain anonymous.

Posted on 4/2/2014 4:04:34 PM

Florida Rugby Union Men
Division 2
2017-18 Season
Florida Rugby Union Men
Division 3
2017-18 Season
Florida Rugby Union Women Division 2
2017-18 Season

The Sideline Whisperer is a member of the Florida Rugby Community that makes predictions for the Men's D2/D3 Championships and the Women's D2. Occasionally he may take on other topics. He has decided to remain anonymous. (And it's not me!). Thanks and enjoy!

-- Carlos "Charlee" Velázquez
Rugby in Florida CEO.





This isn't the first year we've had Florida playoffs by any means, but I think this is the first time in a while that the D2 winner only will progress to the first stage of the USA Rugby national championship stepladder. If you remember last year, the Florida D2 playoffs were just something to fill in the gap between the end of our regular season and the first-round South games. Do you remember who won the D2 Florida playoffs in 2013? We'll get to that just below.

D2 Semifinals

#4 Tampa Krewe at #1 Miami RFC - Krewe lost their first two games of the season back in November to a pair of teams who missed out on the playoffs (Naples and Tridents), but then went 6-2 the rest of the way to secure the fourth seed. Those of you who were paying attention last season will remember that Krewe beat Boca Raton and Naples to win the Florida Cup playoffs. So, can they do it again this year? Well, the positive is that they beat Miami in Tampa 34-23 just over a month ago. However, in the game played in Miami back in February, the Bumblebees came out on top 42-15. Krewe were also handily spanked by Boca on the road four weeks ago and finished the year 1-4 away from Tampa, with their only road win a three-point squeak past Orlando. Miami, meanwhile, didn't suffer another loss all season and averaged 34.3 points a game in their four home wins (not including one forfeit win). While you have to think Krewe will try to bring down the best team they can for this playoff contest, I just don't think it will be nearly enough to overcome the black and yellow. Miami RFC 35, Krewe 17

#3 Fort Lauderdale at #2 Boca Raton - Both of these sides come into their semifinal playing great rugby over the last few months. The Knights have won five in a row, but you need to realize that all of those wins came against teams that didn't make the postseason (Tridents x2, Naples, Daytona and Jacksonville) and they went 1-3 against the other playoff teams this season. Meanwhile, like Krewe, Boca lost their first two games of the season (to Fort Lauderdale and Miami), but the Bucs haven't lost since, winning eight straight fixtures to secure the home-field advantage here. The last time these two fierce rivals met, back on Feb. 1, Boca came out on top 13-3, while the Knights won 25-16 in November. If you're not doing anything else on Saturday, I implore you to check out this game, which should feature a large, raucous crowd and two teams that don't like each other battling it out for a spot in next week's finals. I'm going with the home team here in a tight affair. Boca Raton 24, Fort Lauderdale 20

D3 Semifinals

#4 Brevard at #1 Sarasota - The Surge have been a revelation under former Krewe coach Dai Morgan, winning all of their D3 contests and the All-Florida Weekend title. They also won the first meeting between these two teams 52-11. Gainesville and Palm Beach kept things respectable against the Surge, but the SW boys will be heavy favorites to reach the CR stage in D3. Brevard went 3-3 in the regular season, losing once each to the other three playoff teams. Surge will have no trouble taking this one handily. Sarasota 49, Brevard 5

#3 Palm Beach at #2 Gainesville - The Panthers take their second trip north to Gainesville in the space of four weeks, having lost to the Hogs 24-15 on March 15. These two teams, along with Sarasota, have been the class of the division all season, and I expect a very close contest between these two squads again on Saturday. Will the men in black get revenge and move on? No, I don't think so. Gainesville 22, Palm Beach 19

Last Week: 7-0

Season: 49-13 (79%)

All-Time: 98-31 (76%)

Code updated: 02/07/2018 13:04

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