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'Northerners' and 'Southerners' Rosters and Game
These two teams will meet on Saturday the 11th of May in Orlando to see who is the best, North or South and after the game the Selection panel will select the Florida Men's State Select Side to compete the following weekend in Jacksonville against the Axemenin 'The Clash of Codes'.

Posted on 4/23/2013 6:42:39 PM


Here are the details of the game: "Florida North Vs Florida South" Men's Select Sides May the 11th Saturday 2013, 2:00 PM Emery-Hamilton Park 4400 W Colonial Drive Orlando The "Southerners" Player, Position, Club FORWARDS Patrick Grandison, T/ H Prop, Boca Karl Mathelier, L/H Prop, Boca Nate Shere, Lock , Boca Gustarvo Profeta, B/S Flank, Boca Kyle Gilbert, L/H Prop, FIU Pablo Garcia, T/H Prop, FIU Zack Perlman, Lock, FIU Michael Swaebe, B/S Flank, FIU Chris Arreira, Hooker, FIU Leon Wilson, Hooker, MRFC Marcelo Serrano, O/S Flank, MRFC Wade Zacca, Lock, MRFC Brett Salad Gallren, 8/Lock, FLRFC Brett Stubbles, O/S Flank, FLRFC BACKS Jeremy Cook, Half, Boca Gordon Fiscken, Centers, Boca Georry Luberice, Centers, Boca Adam Kennedy, Fullback, FLRFC David Boot Anastas, Fly half, FLRFC Darrien Woodson, Centers, FLRFC Joey Jordan, Fly Half, FAU Eric Lupersbeck, Centers, FAU Adrian Salazar, Centers, MRFC Tommy Black, Fly Half, WPB Mathew COORE, Full Back, FAU. The "Northerners" Player, Position, Club FORWARDS J.D Flynn, backrow, Orlando Troy Nealy, backrow, Sarasota Scott Waters, 2nd row, Sarasota Mike McNeil, Prop, Sarasota Rob Lara, Hooker, Brevard Brett Swan, 2nd row, Daytona Ryan Peterson, Backrow, Jacksonville Brian Mclogan, Backrow, Jacksonville Blake Lerenz, backrow, Orlando Mike Shope, hooker, Orlando Will Doherty, backrow, Orlando Joe Hilbush, prop, Krew Tristan Morhous, prop, Jacksonville BACKS Dan Gordon, Scrum half, Orlando Luke Page, Fly half, Sarasota Andy Goethe, , Sarasota Brian Eschen, Full Back, Daytona Bart Longchamp, Centre, Orlando Austin Norden, Centre, Gainsville Jeff Herron, Centre, Krew Chris Potter, Fly/wing, Jacksonville Todd Volpe, wing, Jacksonville Steve Lahund, wing, Frenchie, FB/wing, Daytona Matt McGinnis, Full back, Krew Charlie Hutchings, Scrum Half, Krew Note: Naples and West Palm Beach were unable to participate due to their commitment to the Nationals, Good luck to both clubs this weekend and you have all of our support.

Code updated: 02/07/2018 13:04

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