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North Vs South Cross Overs
Gentleman Please find attached the scaled roster for the North Vs South Cross Overs.

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Posted on 1/16/2013 4:26:19 PM


From Frank Tito For the Florida Rugby Union. Gentleman Please find attached the scaled roster for the North Vs South Cross Overs. When the final pool round has been completed then the club names will be slotted into their respected placings. The final week of the cross overs will determine who has home field advantage. This is the best scenario we have come up with. Top 4 teams will then compete in the Florida Rugby Union State Championship Cup commencing March the 16th 2013, with the Major and Minor Semi Finals. The following week March the 23rd will be the Preliminary Finals and then the Grand Finals March the 30th 2013. The team that wins the Major Semi Final will have home field advantage for the finals It is my vision in the future that a neutral field with gate access so that admission can be collected with profits going to the 2 finalist teams. Please, any questions feel free to contact me. Frank Tito For the Florida Rugby Union.

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