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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for Saturday, January 12th, 2013
Twenty thirteen, or two thousand and thirteen? Well, whatever you want to call it, the Sideline Whisperer got off to a good start to the year last week with a 3-0 start and a couple of very close score predictions. I know I won't be going undefeated all year by any means, but it's nice to get things off on the right foot in a year that ends in the unluckiest number

Posted on 1/10/2013 12:01:05 PM

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The Sideline Whisperer is a member of the Florida Rugby Community that makes predictions for the Men's D2/D3 Championships and the Women's D2. Occasionally he may take on other topics. He has decided to remain anonymous. (And it's not me!). Thanks and enjoy!

-- Carlos "Charlee" Velázquez
Rugby in Florida CEO.




The D2 season is past halfway now, and it appears that four teams (or is it three?) are pretty much in the running for the final two spots. In the North Division, it appears that Krewe and Orlando are the class, although I hear they tried to prove it with fists rather than rugby in their last meeting! Everyone else already has three losses in the North. Meanwhile, in the South Division, Naples and Boca are out in front of the pack, and will play each other this Saturday in the marquee matchup of the weekend. The winner of that contest will be in a great position to make the postseason, barring a complete late-season collapse. Of course, any of the three-loss teams could make a late run for one of the top two spots, so don't tune away from this enthralling competition. As for D3, teams playing this week will be participating in their third contest of their season, so still plenty of time for teams to make their move, although it looks like Brevard and Palm Beach have taken the early lead in the race for the playoffs. (Actual results in parenthesis) Division 2 Boca Raton (4-1) at Naples (4-1) - Boca will be out for revenge here after losing their home meeting earlier this season with the Hammerheads 29-15. Since that loss, the Buccaneers have won three in a row, outscoring their opponents 128-12. Meanwhile, Naples squeaked by Fort Lauderdale and Miami either side of a home loss to the Tridents. This game is clearly the match of the week, if not the season, with a ton riding on the result. I'm going to take the visiting side and the momentum, along with the revenge factor. Boca Raton 24 (10), Naples 10 (11) Miami Tridents (3-3) at Miami RFC (0-6) - The second round of the Miami Cup certainly doesn't have quite the attractiveness it might have had if both teams were in the mix for the postseason. Even though the Bumblebees are only playing for pride and to disrupt some things, they will undoubtedly be up for this match, especially as a fourth loss for the Tridents could be devastating. Last week's loss to Boca put the Tridents on the precipice, but I think they'll pull themselves back off with a win in this one. Miami Tridents 20 (34), Miami RFC 12 (27) Daytona (1-3) at Orlando (3-1-1 - One thing this game will tell us for sure is if Daytona's 81-5 rout of Jacksonville before the break was a fluke or the real deal. Orlando, coming off their first loss of the season against Krewe on Dec. 15, will want to keep pace with the top teams, and shouldn't have too much difficulty with the Coconuts, especially at home. Orlando 38 (26), Daytona 14 (17) Bay Area Pelicans (1-3) at Tampa Krewe (4-0-1) - Krewe had no trouble handling Jacksonville last week, despite four players missing via suspension, so it's hard to see an upset occurring here in the Battle of the Bay. It's just going to be a question of the margin of victory. The Pelicans have given up 40 or more points in all three of their losses. Krewe 49 (44), Pelicans 7 (12) Division 3 Sarasota (1-1) at Brevard (2-0) - A long trip here for the Saracens, who were hammered by Palm Beach to open the season before smashing Indian River to even their record up in their second game. Old Red Eye, meanwhile, scored over 60 points in each of their first two games - victories over Treasure Coast and Gainesville - and are proving that their fine 2011-12 campaign was no accident. While 60 points again might be a stretch, I think this one could get ugly. Brevard 52 (50), Sarasota 17 (30) Indian River (0-2) at Gainesville - You won't like a Hog when it's angry, and I think after losing 66-0 to Brevard in their previous contest, Gainesville will be out for blood against the D3 newbies in this one. The previous contest finished 64-0 and I think things could get even worse this time out. Gainesville 70 (103), Indian River 0 (0) Last Week (1/5/13): 3-0 Overall: 18-9 (66.7%) The Sideline Whisperer [email protected] Ilustration Credit. Original picture by Sheri Rogg Galante.

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