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Florida Rugby Union
A message from the President of the FRU
From Franklyn Williams, Florida Rugby Union President

Posted on 12/20/2012 11:32:29 AM


Date: December 20, 2012 To: All Players, Coaches, Administrators and Spectators From: Franklyn Williams, President FRU Re: USA Championship Laws, Regulations, Rules and Conduct Over the past several weeks I have been copied on incidents, and improprieties occurring on and off the field. These incidents have occurred in senior rugby all the way down to the youth. The blame stems from our stewards (coaches and foreign players) not teaching the basics of rugby which occurs on and off the field. It starts with respecting the referee under all circumstances. Playing the game with honor and sportsmanship should be taught at all levels. Respecting the culture and customs of our sport must be followed. Allowing spectators to participate in referee abuse must stop. Each one of you who reads this should ask themselves whether they are a steward of the sport or merely a person playing a recreational game. This sport is growing so fast that I wonder if it will mutate into a hybrid of an American Football mentality because we lack commitment. For those of you who are stewards, I salute you and hope that you stay with the sport for a lifetime not just for a few years. Now for specifics ~ USAR South Handbook is found on the USAR South Website under “ABOUT US”. Simply click the tab and view and download the HANDBOOK. It is the primary responsibility of the Club Administrators and the Captain to be 100% familiar with this material ~ no exceptions. If you and your Club want to enter into the 2013 USA Rugby Championship than the USARS Handbook Rules apply. As a former player I absolutely understand that on game day players “just want to play” and do not want to think about paperwork, field preparation, CIPP or the after party. Regardless, every club is responsible for all of these issues. Please read the Handbook and be sure everyone is familiar with rules, penalties and the appeal process. We now have young children watching the game and we all must think about what we are teaching them. Finally, I invite all Club Administrators to the Annual General Meeting to be held in Vero Beach mid-February. This is your future and the future of your young players. We want to see YOUTH COACHES, COLLEGE COACHES and every SENIOR Club Administrator at the meeting. USA Rugby is forcing the hand of all states to run independently and to raise their level of both play and administration. DO NOT MISS THIS MEETING Franklyn Cell 305-793-4477 [email protected]

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