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FRRA 2012 Annual General Meeting.
There will be an AGM prior to All Florida Day on Friday, October 19th 2012 at the Holiday Inn, Clermont, Florida, to commence at 6.30pm EST.

Posted on 9/25/2012


FRRA 2012 Annual General Meeting. There will be an AGM prior to All Florida Day on Friday, October 19th 2012 at the Holiday Inn, Clermont, Florida, to commence at 6.30pm EST. There will be an election and or re-election of Directors and Officers at this meeting per The FRRA Bylaws. Nominations of Directors and Officers. All nominations for open positions are to be forwarded to Terry Day, President FRRA via e-mail ([email protected]) with copies to Gerry Fitzgerald ([email protected]) and David Metcalf ([email protected]) to arrive no later than Friday, October, 5th 2012 at 5.00pm EST. The Director position open for election or re-election is President. The Officer positions open for election or re-election are RDO and Treasurer. The Officer position of Secretary is currently vacant and nominations are also invited to fill that vacancy until the 2013 AGM when the position is up for election or re-election. All nominees must be in “Good Standing” as FRRA Members. The Director positions of First and Second Vice Presidents and the Officer position of Secretary are up for election in 2013 as per our Bylaws. This Bylaw insures that there is some continuity of Directors and Officers within the Executive Committee on a year to year basis. All current Directors and Officers are willing to continue in their current capacities and are duly nominated for re-election at the meeting. Below is an excerpt of our current Bylaws which shows procedure for elections. Prior to voting, each nominee will be given the opportunity to address the membership. Any other members may speak in support or against a nominee when the nominee has left the meeting. ARTICLE VII Election of Directors and Officers. The election or re-election of directors and officers shall be by secret ballot at the annual general meeting. Nominations to office may be made only by persons qualified to vote in accordance with the Bylaws. Two thirds of all voting members shall constitute a quorum for the election of officers. A vote of 50% plus one of all members voting is required for election in all cases. In the event that no nominee obtains such a vote in the first round of voting, successive votes shall be made until such time as one nominee obtains the requisite 50% plus one vote. The terms of officers and elected committee members shall commence at the adjournment of the annual general meeting at which they are elected and shall end when their successors take office. Directors and Officers Reports. There will be reports given by Directors and Officers for their individual areas of responsibility. These will include a synopsis of the past year, plans for the future and also include a brief of our financial status and budget. Any Other Business. Members are invited to submit written briefs of subjects they would like to have discussed at the AGM. These briefs must be submitted no late than 5pm on October 5th 2012 by e-mail as previously stated. There will be no opportunity to address the meeting on “Any Other Business” unless you have filed a brief, so please think now about your ideas for improvement and change and get them submitted by the deadline. The brief should include a well constructed outline of the matter to be discussed and possible ideas for solutions changes or recommendations to bring those ideas to fruition. Terry Day. President FRRA.

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FRRA 2012 Annual General Meeting.
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