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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for 1/23/2016
Ready for some chilly rugby in Florida? The high in Daytona for Saturday's game between the Coconuts and Indian River is only supposed to be 51 degrees. You thought knock-ons were frequent when it's warm down here? Just wait until this weekend. Unless of course Daytona forfeits again after not taking enough to Gainesville last week to field a full team. Always a good way to start to the season, that.

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Posted on 1/21/2016 12:40:33 PM

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The Sideline Whisperer is a member of the Florida Rugby Community that makes predictions for the Men's D2/D3 Championships and the Women's D2. Occasionally he may take on other topics. He has decided to remain anonymous. (And it's not me!). Thanks and enjoy!

-- Carlos "Charlee" Velázquez
Rugby in Florida CEO.




By the way, Charlee Velazquez, who runs this superb website, is trying a new way of paying to watch HD videos of your games in Florida. Sick of your teammates (or their parents) not chipping in to have your game put up on the web? Then try Rugby in Florida's new pay-per-view system which will be in place this weekend for the first time. For only a few bucks you can watch yourself committing penalties, knocking the ball on and missing tackles! Now, where's my check for this promo? (Editors note: you will get a coupon to watch for free. Charlee) Division II (Schedule and standings on Jacksonville (2-1) vs. Boca Raton (1-3) - With the top two teams clearly being Tridents and Fort Lauderdale, and with Krewe and Miami RFC pretty much out of it already, this leaves four teams fighting for the final two playoff spots. Two of the teams face off here for the first of two meetings this season and this is the first of Boca's two long road trips, with another coming on 2/27 at Tampa. Boca has traditionally traveled well, but with this rough start to the season, every team knows that this is when squads can start to dwindle because people have better things to do. Jax, meanwhile, are off to a solid start, but as I mentioned last week, they played Tampa twice and Miami in their first three games (all wins). Last week, they came back down to earth with a massive thump as the Tridents went up and smacked Jax around 42-10. Meanwhile, Boca didn't exactly impress in only barely beating visiting Krewe last week, but did play a much tougher schedule to open the season. This game is undoubtedly going to be close, and will likely depend on what sort of team Boca takes up. I think the Bucs just about manage to take this one. Boca Raton 28, Jacksonville 25 Naples (2-1) vs. Tampa (0-4) - The Hammerheads have started well this campaign, with solid wins over defending state champs Orlando and Boca. They also only lost by two to unbeaten Fort Lauderdale. Krewe, meanwhile, continue to struggle, as their program goes through some leadership changes. Hammerheads roll. Naples 30, Tampa 12 Division III (Schedule and standings on Sarasota (0-0) vs. Tallahassee (1-0) - The Surge saw their season opener rained out last week, so will instead start things off this Saturday against a Tallahassee side who knocked off the Pelicans at home in their first game. The Conquistadors didn't impress in their first campaign as members of the FRU, and will have a chance here early to show they are better than we think they are. The Surge won't be having any of that garbage though and should be able to handle their business at home without too much trouble. Sarasota 37, Tallahassee 22 Pelicans (0-1) vs. Palm Beach (1-0) - The hosts lost on the road to Tally last week, and maybe they aren't as good as I thought they might be. Palm Beach won their first game, although they almost let a Brevard team come back from a large deficit in that contest. These two squads should find themselves at opposite ends of the table come playoff time, and the Panthers will show no mercy here, even on the road. Palm Beach 42, Pelicans 17 Brevard (1-1) vs. Gainesville (1-0) - Probably the best matchup in the state this week brings together two clubs who normally find themselves in the playoff mix. Brevard put up a fight against Palm Beach last week, scoring 26 points in a loss, while Gainesville won via forfeit over Daytona. If the Hogs travel well, I like them by a couple of tries in this one. Gainesville 24, Brevard 12 Daytona (0-1) vs. Indian River (0-0) - You never like to see a team forfeit their first game of the season, but at least the Coconuts are at home here against a inferior opponent. I expect Daytona to bounce back. Daytona 28, Indian River 18 Last Week: 5-2 This Season: 15-4 (78.9%) All Time: 167-55-1 (74.9%) Photo Credit: Michael Ewen

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