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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for 1/16/2016
As you can guess, I didn't win the Powerball jackpot. Thus, I'm back here once again. Someone in Melbourne Beach did win $300 million, however, so hopefully it was a member of Indian River or Brevard rugby clubs! That would buy a lot of rugby balls...

Posted on 1/14/2016 1:55:19 PM

Florida Rugby Union Men
Division 2
2017-18 Season
Florida Rugby Union Men
Division 3
2017-18 Season
Florida Rugby Union Women Division 2
2017-18 Season

The Sideline Whisperer is a member of the Florida Rugby Community that makes predictions for the Men's D2/D3 Championships and the Women's D2. Occasionally he may take on other topics. He has decided to remain anonymous. (And it's not me!). Thanks and enjoy!

-- Carlos "Charlee" Velázquez
Rugby in Florida CEO.




I'm over my disappointment of not being a multi-millionaire though, as HOORAY, D3 rugby is back! Finally! I think the last time we had a matrix D3 match the Powerball was only like $10 million and Charlee Velazquez had dark hair! Almost pulled off another perfect 4-for-4 last week, but those clowns from Boca let me down. I don't think they will this week. Division II (Schedule and standings on Jacksonville (3-0) vs. Miami Tridents (3-0) - The marquee matchup of the week, with the first and second place teams meeting up in the NE corner of the state. However, Jacksonville's undefeated record might be a little misleading as they've played woeful Krewe twice and the equally poor Miami RFC. The Tridents, meanwhile, have knocked off perennial playoff contenders Boca, along with defending state champions Orlando. And they haven't just won by a couple of points, they smashed the Griffins, held the Bucs to five points and put up 76 on Miami RFC. Assuming the 305 crew manage to travel well, I think they win this one by at least three tries. Miami Tridents 42, Jacksonville 18 Naples (1-1) vs. Orlando (1-1) - While these two teams have both lost games (to undefeated sides), this game could well be as entertaining as the one above. They were supposed to meet last week, but that game was postponed for Reed Jarvi's funeral. Naples will undoubtedly want to win one for their fallen comrade, while Orlando will want to continue to get their season back on track after being annihilated by the Tridents back in December. This one could certainly go either way, but I like the Griffins to take it on the road. Orlando 22, Naples 17 Boca (0-3) vs. Tampa Krewe (0-3) - Boca almost knocked off undefeated Fort Lauderdale last week in a 64-point thriller, but couldn't pull it off. Meanwhile, Tampa have won just two of their last 13 matches dating back to last season. The Buccaneers' record is slightly deceiving having played two undefeated teams and the tough Hammerheads in the first three games. I think they really let their frustration out in this contest against a Krewe side that, despite hanging in there vs. Jax last week, are pretty poor. Boca Raton 52, Krewe 12 Miami RFC (0-3) vs. Fort Lauderdale (3-0) - This one could get VERY ugly, and quickly. Sure, Miami only lost to the Knights by 12 earlier this season and have a new coach, but these are two teams going in completely different directions. Fort Lauderdale 58, Miami 5 Division III (Schedule and standings on Gainesville (0-0) vs. Daytona (0-0) - The Hogs have been in the D3 title race the last few years, and many wonder why they haven't replaced the Coconuts in D2 at this point. All of these early D3 games will be hard to figure out with the long break, but the Hogs' pedigree gives them the edge in this game. Gainesville 27, Daytona 17 Palm Beach (0-0) vs. Brevard (1-0) - If you're a South Florida rugby fan, this is the game to watch this weekend. The Red Eye put up 50-plus to open their season last week against the Pelicans, while Palm Beach won this matchup 52-12 last season. Historically, though, things have always been closer than that between these rivals. I have to side with the home team in this one, as they only lost one match in the previous regular season, and that was by one point to Sarasota. Palm Beach 32, Brevard 20 Tallahassee (0-0) vs. Pelicans (0-0) - The Conquistadors disappointed in their first FRU season last year, finishing 2-6. One of those six losses came to the Pelicans, 31-22, in the final week of the regular season. The Pelicans opened their new campaign last week with a respectable loss to Brevard on the road. I have a feeling they might be due for a slight upswing in 2016, and wins in games like this will be the difference between making the playoffs or not. I'll take the visitors, but only by a few points. Pelicans 24, Tallahassee 19 Indian River (0-0) vs. Sarasota (0-0) - Indian River won just once last season, giving up an average of 56.9 points in their seven losses. Sarasota, meanwhile, are one of the better D3 squads and are expected to compete for the state title again. One-way traffic. Sarasota 57, Indian River 0 Last Week: 3-1 Season: 10-2 (83.3%) All Time: 162-53-1 (75.0%)

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