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High School Swami predictions for the Finals - 4.25.2015
The best season ever for Florida High Schools ends tomorrow, Saturday, April 25th as the finals are decided in the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield.

Posted on 4/24/2015 1:49:26 PM



The best season ever for Florida High Schools ends tomorrow, Saturday, April 25th as the finals are decided in the Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield.  

Why is this the best ever?  We could start the debate by asking if Weston and Orlando in 2015 are better than Northeast and Naples were in 2009?  Who knows?  Florida had some great players come up through the ranks in those years.  Players who got college scholarships to play, won national championships, and beginning a new era, players who are filling out the club sides that are in the men’s championships this weekend at the Polo Grounds.

Swami says this was the best year ever because of the numbers.  
The numbers of new teams, the numbers of players on each roster, and the numbers of coaches, admins, and referees who are showing up to fuel the growth of Rugby in our state.  

The strongest evidence is that for the first time ever, we have a Cup, Bowl, Plate and Shield competition all decided at one venue on the same day.

Hats off to Florida Youth Rugby and Commissioner Evan Haigh.  Who is excited about next year??

Ok, the final picks first… 

SHIELD COMPETITION:  Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks vs. Tampa Krewe

Mavericks laid some wood on St. Thomas a few weeks ago.  Swami agrees with prevailing wisdom that the worst team in the North can beat most teams in the South.  Krewe 30 Mavericks 15. 

PLATE COMPETITION - Cardinal GIbbons vs. Cape Pirates 

Gibbons started slowly but finished strong.  Pirates played the more difficult schedule and lost some close games.  Swami says this one will be hard fought.  Pirates pull it out because they have trained and practiced harder all season.  Cape Pirates 20 Cardinal Gibbons 13. 

BOWL COMPETITION - Boca Raton v Daytona Coconuts 

Swami is not sure how these two teams ended up in the bowl competition.  Daytona came out on the short end of a couple of close games or they might be contending for the Cup.  Daytona 40 Boca Raton 8. 

CUP COMPETITION - Orlando v Weston  - SWAMI GAME OF THE YEAR (as it should be!)

Most of the people Swami has talked with over the last week believe that Orlando will be the state champs.  They make a strong case.  They played a tougher schedule.  They have numbers.  They are well coached.  What most people don’t know is that the same can be said for Weston, apart from the schedule.  The Suburbians have played together for a number of years and they are playing their best rugby of the season right now.  Swami says this game will not be decided until the last few minutes, and just in case, the FYRU better check their bylaws as to the rules for overtime.

Swami predicts WESTON WINS!   Weston 27 Orlando 20.  

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