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The Sideline Whisperer
The Sideline Whisperer
Predictions for March 21, 2015 - Special Edition
Special edition of the predictions for Senior Men for this weekend. We will have side-by-side predictions of the Division II games from our own Sideline Whisperer and from Gift Egbelu from the Gift-Time Rugby Network. ( It's on!

Posted on 3/18/2015 6:21:16 PM

Florida Rugby Union Men
Division 2
2017-18 Season
Florida Rugby Union Men
Division 3
2017-18 Season
Florida Rugby Union Women Division 2
2017-18 Season

The Sideline Whisperer is a member of the Florida Rugby Community that makes predictions for the Men's D2/D3 Championships and the Women's D2. Occasionally he may take on other topics. He has decided to remain anonymous. (And it's not me!). Thanks and enjoy!

-- Carlos "Charlee" Velázquez
Rugby in Florida CEO.





A doozy is defined by Merriam-Webster as "something unusually good". With only two weeks remaining in the season and the two teams in first and second, separated by three points, Saturday's contest between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale has doozy written all over it. We also have other games with major playoff implications like Jax at Tridents, Sarasota at Tallahassee and Brevard at Gainesville. In D2, there are three teams with playoff spots secure - Boca, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando - leaving Jax and Tridents to fight for the last spot, while in D3 there are also two teams in my mind - Brevard and Sarasota - dueling for the fourth position, with three spots also clinched by Daytona, Palm Beach and Gainesville.

Oh, and we're making things even more interesting than usual this week, as I'm going head-to-head  with fellow prediction expert Gift Egbelu from the excellent site Check out his work, especially his video stuff. Winner gets TBD spoils, although I think he should change the site name to if I win!

Division II 

Fort Lauderdale (6-2, 32 pts) at Boca Raton (7-1, 35 pts)

Sideline Whisperer predicts:

Gift Egbelu predicts:

Regular season games in Florida don't come much bigger than this, it's that simple. With both teams facing inferior opponents in their final game on the 28th, the winner of this game will pretty much guarantee themselves the top seed, and thus should avoid a final four matchup against Orlando, who have beaten both these sides this season at their home field. In their first meeting, the Bucs won the game with a last-second try. Since that loss, the Knights have gone 3-0, beating their opponents by an average of 40.3 to 14.3. Thing is, those three victories were against the bottom three teams in the standings. Meanwhile, Boca has wins over Jacksonville and Tampa, but also lost to Orlando on the road. Neither team played last week, so fatigue shouldn't be a factor, and I think both sides are relatively healthy, from what my sources tell me. The talent level on each teams is very close, although each team certainly has an edge at different positions across the field. I just think Fort Lauderdale will have the revenge factor in mind and probably have the better front row, which is where many a game is decided. It wouldn't surprise me to see this game come down to the last minute again, just like their last two meetings have. Fort Lauderdale 28, Boca Raton 27

This match is probably the best game of the week. The 7-1 Boca Raton and 6-2 Ft. Lauderdale will be a match of two power teams. The last time these two teams faced each other, it came down to the wire with Boca Raton just taking the edge in that game 32-30. Ft. Lauderdale will no doubt want to change that fact this week. Ft. Lauderdale has been great offensively on the road, averaging 33.25 points per game, and they have allowed 17.75 points per game on defense. But Boca Raton has just been a tad better. Boca Raton has allowed only 9.66 points per game at home, and scored 36.33 points per game on offense. Needless to say, I expect Boca Raton to take this game at home over Ft. Lauderdale. Boca Raton 33 - Ft. Lauderdale 20.


Miami RFC (1-6, 8 pts) at Orlando (6-2, 29 pts)

Sideline Whisperer predicts: Gift Egbelu predicts:

The visiting team were manhandled in this reverse contest two weeks ago, and there isn't any reason to think things won't be any different this time around. Should Fort Lauderdale lose at Boca, a win for the Griffins would leapfrog them into second place. However, next week's game against Jax is no gimme, so there will still be plenty of work to do in order to secure a home semi. Orlando 49, Miami 12

Orlando Griffins get to be at home this weekend. This will be the rematch from two weeks ago. Orlando Griffins utterly dominated the fledgling Miami team 59-12 on the road. I don't expect Orlando to change that up after a two week break, and at home. Look for Orlando to take this game. Orlando 47 - Miami RFC 15


Naples (1-6, 5 pts) at Tampa Krewe (1-7, 6 pts)

Sideline Whisperer predicts: Gift Egbelu predicts:

The Battle for the Basement! Have to think Krewe will be buoyed after their win over the Tridents. Tampa Krewe 35, Naples 10

The Tampa Krewe have not had a great season so far. The Hammerheads have not fared any better. Tampa Bay has yet to garner a win, though they have one game against the Orlando Griffins that they took the wire. Aside from that, Krewe have yet to be competitive in any game. Hammerheads will have the advantage in this game holding the homefield advantage. Look for the Naples Hammerheads to win this game. Tampa Krewe 17 - Naples Hammerheads 22


Miami Tridents (4-4, 19 pts) at Jacksonville (5-3, 24 pts)

Sideline Whisperer predicts: Gift Egbelu predicts:

Last time out, the Tridents took a devastating 29-20 loss at Krewe, handing Tampa their first win of the season. That defeat put the 305 gang's season on life support, and now face a second long road trip in the space of three weeks to try and revive their campaign. A win, and the Tridents are firmly back in the race for fourth, with Jax facing a tough trip to Orlando on the 28th. A loss, and it's game, set and match for the team who used to play across the field from where the Miami Open tennis starts next week on Key Biscayne. Can the Tridents, who aren't known for their traveling prowess, bounce back from the Krewe loss, or was that defeat a nail in the coffin? Jax took a heavy loss at Boca in their last game and fell 30-15 to the Tridents in Miami back in late February. They are undefeated at home this season, however, including a win over Orlando, and I think they'll have just enough to secure a playoff spot with a win. Jacksonville 24, Miami Tridents 20

Jacksonville will be hosting the Trident this weekend. Miami Trident have been picking up momentum since their loss to Ft. Lauderdale in January. On the flip side, Jacksonville has been facing tougher competition and has seen their once perfect record steadily dissipate. Jacksonville has been faltering on the road. The Tridents haven't been so great on the road though. With the teams seeing their differentiating successes, look for Jacksonville to hold strong at home and get back on the winning circuit. I expect Jacksonville to make up their loss to Miami back on February 28th, and take the win. Look for the match to be a low scoring affair. Jacksonville 21 - Miami Tridents 20



Division III

Brevard (5-2, 25 pts) at Gainesville (5-1, 24 pts): If Boca/Lauderdale is a doozy, this is a humdinger. For the Red Eye, it's their last game of the season, as their bye week comes on the 28th. That's a problem if they lose this game, as if Sarasota wins at Tallahassee, the Surge could overtake Brevard and steal the final playoff spot away from them. Gainesville could also technically be caught by Sarasota, but with their final game coming against Indian River, I feel the Hogs are pretty much assured a postseason spot unless something crazy happens. Thus, all the pressure is on the Red Eye here, even more so as they're on the road. Gainesville won this matchup 28-19 last year, and I think the score will be similar again this time. Gainesville 26, Brevard 18

Sarasota (3-2-1, 20 pts) at Tallahassee (2-4, 10 pts): The Surge have lost their two games this season by one and four points, have a tie in the books as well as a one-point win last time out vs. Palm Beach which kept their playoff hopes alive. The Conquistadors, meanwhile, are limping to the finish in a disappointing first season as members of the FRU. I expect them to put up somewhat of a fight in this one, but the Surge will pull out a victory that could clinch them a playoff spot with one week to go. Sarasota 34, Tallahassee 17

Bay Area Pelicans (2-4, 10 pts) at Palm Beach (5-1, 26 pts): Man, if the Pelicans were as good at rugby as they are at complaining about my column, they might have more than two wins this season (against the two worst teams). Gents, please don't take anything I say too seriously. These predictions are all in good fun and not meant to offend anyone. With that said, I expect you to get thoroughly worked on Saturday on your visit to the 561. Palm Beach will jump into first place with this victory, thanks to Daytona being off this week, and that will set up an enthralling game next weekend between the Panthers and Coconuts with first place on the line. Palm Beach 42, Pelicans 12

Indian River (0-6, 0 pts) at Tampa Krewe (0-6, 0 pts): It's finally here! The week that Indian River finally wins a game! OK, I should say MAYBE this is the week. If I, for the first time, predict a victory, MAYBE it will happen. Let's give it a shot. Indian River 3, Krewe 0

Last Week: 5-3

This Season: 39-17-1 (68.4%)

All Time: 140-51-1 (72.9%)

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