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All Teams in Florida by Category (42 Teams) Season: 2017-2018
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    College Men
    Team Name (Division) Status** Players* Type City (County)
     Ave Maria U (AMU) (Division II) Current 19 15s Ave Maria (Collier)
     Eckerd Rugby (Division II) Current 41 15s St. Petersburg (Pinellas)
     Florida Atlantic U (FAU) (Division II) In Progress 30 15s Boca Raton (Palm Beach)
     Florida Gulf U (FGCU) (Division II) In Progress 18 15s Estero (Lee)
     Florida Int. U (FIU) (Division II) Current 23 15s Miami (Miami-Dade)
     Florida State U (FSU) (Division II) Current 36 15s Tallahassee (Leon)
     U of Central Florida (UCF) (Division II) Current 39 15s Orlando (Orange)
     U of Florida (UF) (Division I) Current 62 15s Gainesville (Alachua)
     U of Miami (UM) (Division II) Current 28 15s Miami (Miami-Dade)
     U of North Florida (UNF) (Division II) In Progress 14 15s Jacksonville (Duval)
     U of South Florida (USF) (Division II) Current 55 15s Tampa (Hillsborough)
    College Women
    Team Name (Division) Status** Players* Type City (County)
     Eckerd Rugby Women (Division II) Current 40 15s St. Petersburg (Pinellas)
     FAU Rugby Women (Division II) Inactive 0 15s Boca Raton (Palm Beach)
     Florida Gulf Coast U Women (Division II) In Progress 24 15s Estero (Lee)
     Florida Int U Women (Division II) Current 18 15s Miami (Miami-Dade)
     Florida State U Women (Division I) Current 25 15s Tallahassee (Leon)
     U Central Florida Women (Division I) In Progress 15 15s Orlando (Orange)
     U of Florida Women (Division I) Current 29 15s Gainesville (Alachua)
     U of Miami Women (Division II) In Progress 7 15s Miami (Miami-Dade)
     U of South Florida Women (Division I) Current 24 15s Tampa (Hillsborough)
    Team Name (Division) Status** Players* Type City (County)
     Bay Area Pelicans (Division III) Current 33 15s St. Petersburg (Pinellas)
     Boca Raton Buccaneers (Division II) Current 23 15s Boca Raton (Palm Beach)
     Brevard Old Red Eye (Division III) Current 23 15s Cocoa Beach (Brevard)
     Daytona Beach Coconuts (Division III) In Progress 16 15s Daytona Beach (Volusia)
     FAU Alumni 2017-18 (N/A) Not Available 0 15s Boca Raton (Palm Beach)
     Ft. Lauderdale Knights (Division II) Inactive 0 15s Fort Lauderdale (Broward)
     Gainesville Hogs (Division III) Current 35 15s Gainsville (Alachua)
     Indian River Raptors (Division III) In Progress 8 15s Vero Beach (Indian River)
     Jacksonville (Division II) Current 24 15s Jacksonville (Duval)
     Miami Rugby (Division II) In Progress 6 15s Miami (Miami-Dade)
     Miami Tridents (Division II) Current 35 15s Miami (Miami-Dade)
     Naples Hammerheads (Division II) Current 37 15s Naples (Collier)
     Okapi Wanderers (Division II) Current 28 15s Weston (Broward)
     Orlando Griffins (Division II) In Progress 10 15s Orlando (Orange)
     Palm Beach Panthers (Division III) In Progress 17 15s West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)
     Sarasota Surge (Division III) In Progress 7 15s Sarasota (Sarasota)
     Tampa Bay Krewe (Division II) In Progress 12 15s Tampa (Hillsborough)
    Team Name (Division) Status** Players* Type City (County)
     Fort Miami RFC (Division II) In Progress 9 15s Fort Lauderdale (Broward)
     Indian River - W (Division II) In Progress 8 15s Vero Beach (Indian River)
     Jacksonville - W (Division II) Current 21 15s Jacksonville (Duval)
     Orlando - W (Division II) In Progress 1 15s Orlando (Orange)
     Tampa Krewe W (Division II) Current 22 15s Tampa (Hillsborough)

*Number of people registered in the USA Rugby Public Roster. Includes coaches and admin staff. Source: College Men, Senior Men 'B' sides and Old Boys (when applicable) are included in the 'A' team rosters include the 'B' teams. Under 12/10 teams players are included in the U14 team.
** The status is per USA Rugby Public Roster Page. May not be up to date. For current status, visit


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