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All Teams in Brevard County (5)
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    Team Name Total Players*: 63 Type Cat. City
    Brevard Old Red Eye (Division III) 31 15s M Cocoa Beach
    Cape Pirates U15 (N/A) 0 15s U15B Cocoa Beach
    Cape Pirates U17 (N/A) 0 15s U17B Cocoa Beach
    Cape Pirates U19 (N/A) 32 15s U19B Cocoa Beach
    Cape Pirates U19 Girls (N/A) 0 15s U19G Cocoa Beach

Orange Alachua Brevard Broward Colllier Duval INdian River Lee Leon Monroe Pinellas Volusia Sarasota


*Number of people registered in the USA Rugby Public Roster. Includes coaches and admin staff.

Referees in this County (5)
Chris Hardcastle
Level 1
Cocoa Beach
Yusef Johnson
Level 1
Cullen Lowe
Level 2
Melbourne Beach
Richard Marroquin
Level 3
Palm Bay
Keith Pereira
Level 1
Palm Bay
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