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CLUB: University of Florida Men's Rugby Club
Schedules of all teams for season (2018-2019)
U of Florida (UF)
Season: 2018-2019
Category: College Men
Division: Division I
47 players on roster.
Located in Gainesville, Alachua, FL
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Schedule for season 2018-2019 (12 games)
Includes friendly games. Home team listed first. Printer Friendly version
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Date Home Away Championship    
11/17/2018 UF Spring Hill College   Friendlies 2018-19 Details
12/1/2018 UF (5) (37) Gainesville   Friendlies 2018-19 Details
1/26/2019 UNF (0) (20) UF   FCC Men Details
2/2/2019 UF (12) (88) UCF   FCC Men Details
2/9/2019 UF (0) (96) USF   FCC Men Details
2/23/2019 FIU UF   FCC Men Details
3/2/2019 UF FSU   FCC Men Details
3/16/2019 FAU UF   FCC Men Details
3/23/2019 USF UF   FCC Men Details
3/30/2019 UF UM   FCC Men Details
4/6/2019 UF UNF   FCC Men Details
4/13/2019 FSU UF   FCC Men Details
HEAD COACH: Ken Simmons (Level: N/A) - 239-410-3032 - [email protected]
MATCH SECRETARY: Jacob Anliker - [email protected]


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